#Kolkata: Over the last few days, the price of edible oil has gone up like fuel oil. The central government claims that there are stocks of edible oil in the country. But oil merchants claim that importers are charging higher prices. So the prices of palmolin, sunflower oil, soybean oil have gone up a lot. Interestingly, palm oil is more expensive than mustard oil.

Traders claim that there are several large edible oil companies in the market that import oil from abroad. The demand for palm oil and soybean oil is very high in our country. Since the price of mustard oil is much higher than the average person can afford, people use that oil there. Traders claim that on April 26, the Indonesian government stopped exporting palm oil to India. Because that country, without meeting the demand of their country, was exporting a lot of palm oil. As a result, the price of palmolin has become much higher in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, the price of oil in our country has increased by 15 percent in three days due to fear of reduction in oil supply. Since mustard oil is our domestic product, the price has remained the same for more than a month. There is no shortage of oil supply in the market. Traders claim that whatever the central government says, importers have increased the price. As a wholesale price, now palm oil is 162 kg, a week ago it was 160 rupees and mustard oil was 160 rupees per kg. It has been the same for three weeks. Because it is our domestic production. Sunflower oil is 190 rupees per kilo. One month is the same. Because the demand for this oil is much less. Rice brand was 135 rupees per kg three weeks ago. Now 155 rupees. Soya refine 180 rupees. One week ago it was 165.

Since the price of mustard oil is very high, people used this oil as an accessory. But now the price of mustard oil is much lower for the people of our country. Besides, doctors say to eat pure mustard oil. Traders claim that after April 7, the price of palm and soybean oil may go down by Rs 10 to Rs 15 per kg. However, there is no possibility of it going around Rs 100 per kg.


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