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There is no recognition in the Sputnik trial at the risk of life! Public interest litigation in High Court – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: They also participated in the Covid War (Covid 19 News). The first wave of Corona Extreme hit the country since March 2020 The question of when the vaccine against corona will come, and how safe it is, has been on the minds of every Indian since then.

Gradually the country heard the names of three vaccines like Kovishield, Kovacin, Sputnik V. Many people participated in the experimental research of each vaccine at the risk of their lives. The goal was to surround the Russian-made Sputnik vaccine. Thousands of volunteers who took part in Sputnik’s experimental research across the country did not even get the honor of a fighter, on the contrary, they did not even get a certificate. About 50 people did not get government approved certificates in the state. But all those who have taken the vaccine have got the certificate. As a result, the people who took part in the trial of Sputnik have to face various problems.

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Why were they deprived and when will they be given the certificate? A public interest litigation was filed in the Calcutta High Court over this question. The case was filed by Shuvrajyoti Bhowmik, a doctor at a private hospital in Kolkata.

The Sputnik vaccine was tested in India from December last year to July this year. After passing the test, the ICMR clears the vaccine for the general public. Like other vaccines, this vaccine has been certified by the Co-Win Up Up of the Central Government after taking certain doses. Allegedly, those who took part in the Sputnik trial were not given certificates. As a result, those people are facing multiple problems.

It is learned that none of the 50 people who took the vaccine in Kolkata have received Sputnik certificate till date. A public interest litigation was filed in the high court on Tuesday. The plaintiff’s lawyer Mohit Gupta said, ‘Why those who participated in the cowardly war of the country still do not get the certificate? Voter Vaccination Certificate is essential at this moment just like Voter Card, Ration Card, PAN Card. We will ask the High Court for an application to ensure the certification of everyone who took part in the experimental study at the risk of their lives. A division bench of the chief justice will be called on Thursday to seek a speedy hearing in the public interest litigation.

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