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#Kolkata: The Park Street Flyover will be closed next Friday night for health checks. On this day, the Kolkata Police has issued a notification The flyover will be closed for four days from 10pm on Friday, December 3, to 6am on Monday, December 3, according to police guidelines.

Park Street Flyover 6 was inaugurated in 2005 HRBC 7 is responsible for the maintenance of this flyover According to the Kolkata Police, traffic will be suspended to check the carrying capacity of the flyover. If the Park Street flyover is closed, all types of vehicles heading north and south will have to use Jawaharlal Nehru Road instead.

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Christmas and New Year 7 in front At this time of year, the crowds in the Park Street, New Market area increase a lot Normally, the pressure on the Park Street flyover also increases As a result, HRBC 7 wants to check the health of the flyover before that The importance of the Park Street flyover is invaluable for traveling along Jawaharlal Nehru Road, avoiding the Park Street junction. Due to the low traffic pressure on weekends, this is the time to choose a flyover health check-up.

The state government decided to check the health of all the flyovers in the city This time it’s Pala Park Street Flyover 6

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