#Kolkata: Biryani at the door! The Community Area Development Corporation under the State Panchayat and Rural Development Department has organized a special menu at Holi Special today. There is a special menu for lunch and dinner at Holi. Apart from Biriyani On Holi, everyone will get the rest of the food while sitting at home. This lunch will cost only 300 rupees.

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It will cost him 350 rupees. Biryani On Holi, of course. Chicken biryani will cost 130 rupees. It will be given 1 piece chicken, 1 piece potato, 1 piece egg. Mutton biryani will cost 175 rupees. There will be 1 piece mutton, 1 piece potato and 1 piece egg. Today and tomorrow there is this special menu. Meals can be ordered on 9163123556, 6290225859, 8170887794. Lunch should be ordered between 10pm the night before. And you have to order dinner by 11 am that day.

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Lunch will be delivered by 2 p.m. Dinner will be delivered at 8 pm. The women of the state’s self-help group organize all these dishes (Biriyani On Holi). Since the time of Kovid, the government has made arrangements to deliver home-cooked food. Although the issue is limited to the city of Kolkata or the adjoining Newtown, the demand for it is gradually increasing tremendously. Since the women of the self-reliant group of the state cook this using their own hand-made spices and vegetables, everyone is happy with its quality. Soumyajit Das, special secretary of the state panchayat office and CADC official, said a huge response had already been received. More new menus will come in the coming days.

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