Another three or four days of spring wind in Bengal (Weather Update). Cloudless sky is a pleasant environment. Morning and evening mild winter. As the day progresses, the temperature will rise a bit. There is no discomfort at the moment due to low water vapor. It goes without saying that there is no possibility of rain.

The weather in Kolkata is basically clear (Weather Update). Very mild winter mood in the morning and evening. As the day progresses, the temperature will rise a little, but there will be no discomfort as there is less water vapor. The minimum temperature this morning was 20.9 degrees Celsius. 1 degree lower than normal. Yesterday afternoon the day temperature was 33.6 degrees Celsius. 1 degree higher than normal. The relative humidity in the air is 31 to 6 percent. There has been no rain in the last 24 hours.

There is no possibility of rain in any district of North Bengal and South Bengal (Weather Update). Clear skies for the next few days. Mild winter in the morning and evening in Kolkata and suburbs. The mood of winter will be felt a little more in the districts. As the day progresses, the temperature will rise and you will feel hot.

The weather will change in northwestern India from today as the western winds recede. Temperatures will rise in northwestern Indian states. Next week there will be another change in the weather in the Himalayan districts of northwestern India due to the effects of the western storm.

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Rainfall will continue in several states in South India. Rain will be heavier in Tamil Nadu. Rain is forecast in Kerala and Mahe for the next four to five days from March 12 to 14. Rain is also forecast for Lakshadweep in the coastal part of Karnataka in the next few days. Rajasthan, Gujarat, Orissa, Kankan, Goa and Kerala are likely to experience a slight rise in temperature in the next two days.

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There is a cyclone in the Bay of Bengal adjacent to South India. This cyclone extends over the south-east Bay of Bengal and the adjoining south-west Bay of Bengal. There is also another cyclone over Rajasthan. Westerly winds are expected to hit northwest India early next week.

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