#Kolkata: Thousands of unknown histories under one roof. Letter from Rabindranath to Subhash Chandra Bose. The sacrifice of Bengali girls in the independence movement. Case diaries of revolutionaries in the hands of the English police. The exhibition of West Bengal State Library has become a living document of history with so many unknown chapters of history. Unknown history.

Not the history of the pages of the book. There is a lot of unknown history outside of history books. Those pasts lost in the mound of time can be seen in the exhibition of the West Bengal State Library. Letter written by Rabindranath, Surya Sen from Mahatma Gandhi. Many unknown words from the fire era of the fire age have come up in the pictures and letters in the exhibition. In the independence movement, revolutionaries used to exchange weapons in sign language. There are those rare letters in the exhibition. The independence movement is not just about the sacrifices of men. Numerous fire girls are involved in the independence of the country. Many of whose names are not on the pages of history. The stories of those anonymous fire girls are captured in their pictures, stories of self-sacrifice in pictures, words. This is a rare achievement for the viewers. The issue of Partition of Bengal and Santal Rebellion came up in the exhibition. Rare picture of Alipore bomb blast.

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The exhibition also contains pictures of the revolvers used by the revolutionaries during the independence movement. From Barin Ghosh to Arvind Ghosh, armed revolutionaries shook the foundations of British rule. The case diary of the English gentleman’s case diary is also on display. This is a document of unknown history. To know the past anew, to know anew. Facing new history. All in all, a living document of history came to the fore in this exhibition. Sumit Ghosh, a spokesman for the organizers, claimed, “Our archives are the best in the country. All the photographs, letters and documents of the past in our collection are nowhere to be found. Visitors to this exhibition on Shakespeare Street in Kolkata are also overwhelmed to learn a lot about the unknown history.


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