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‘Tired of CBI probe’, Justice Abhijit Ganguly frustrated – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: He is the one who has directed one CBI investigation after another on SSC recruitment corruption That judge of the Calcutta High Court, Abhijit Ganguly, sat in the court that day and lamented that he was tired of the speed of the CBI’s investigation. Justice Gangopadhyay also questioned whether it would have been more effective to set up a special inquiry team or seat instead of the CBI.

Justice Abhijit Ganguly has so far directed a total of ten CBI investigations into allegations of corruption in the appointment of SSC and Primary Tate. Of these, eight have been directed to investigate allegations of SSC recruitment, two in the primary tate. Yesterday, Justice Gangopadhyay also directed CBI probe into a case of Primary Tate

Former state education minister Perth Chatterjee has been questioned by the CBI in the SSC corruption case. Justice Gangopadhyay also directed that case Lawyer and Trinamool MP Kalyan Gangopadhyay is questioning the High Court in the case on behalf of Perth Chatterjee. On the same day, in another case, Kalyan Gangopadhyay went to the court of Justice Gangopadhyay That’s when Justice Gangopadhyay started talking to him According to that source, frustration over the CBI investigation fell on the judge’s throat

In a tone of frustration, Justice Gangopadhyay said, “The CBI is not doing anything. In November 2021, I ordered a CBI probe into the first SSC corruption case Even after 6 months, the CBI has not been able to solve the mystery of corruption I am tired and frustrated with the work of CBI After about 6 months, the CBI could not do anything. What kind of investigation is this? What is the purpose of this investigation? I will make a special note about CBI. ‘

Expressing frustration with the Central Investigation Agency, Justice Gangopadhyay added, “I feel tired this morning. How much more? Can’t go anymore.

And how many CBI instructions? Dozens of CBI directives. I am wondering what the profit will be. I wonder if the Special Investigation Team or the seat was better than this? I am asking myself a question. The CBI has no staff. The CBI is suffering from a staff crisis.

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