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TMC attacks Congress in Jago Bangla: ‘Congress war-weary, indifferent!’ In the mouthpiece of the party again the cannon belongs to the grassroots


#Kolkata: In the party’s mouthpiece ‘Jago Bangla’, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) again slammed the Congress. TMC Criticizes Congress in Jago Bangla

The Trinamool Congress spokesperson said, “The Congress was supposed to resist the BJP. They were the opposition party at the center. The Congress is indifferent, war-weary, burdened, torn apart by infighting and factionalism. Baton is unable to book. Time does not fall, someone has to come forward. Trinamool Congress will fulfill that responsibility. They are the real Congress. ‘

It has been mentioned in the editorial of Jago Bangla that the initiates want to continue with everyone. Incidentally, a few days ago, in the editorial of Jago Bangla, it was written that the Congress, which is averse to the movement, has gone into ‘deep freeze’. Congress leaders have also been accused of tweeting everything. The existence of UPA was also denied in the mouthpiece of Trinamool.

It is further claimed that Mamata Banerjee is universally accepted and popular as an alternative opposition face in this stalemate of the Congress. Opponents are looking at him.

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Last week, Prashant Kishore, a voter, launched a direct attack on the Congress leadership. He made it clear that in the last 10 years, the Congress has lost 90 percent of the elections. Leading the opposition is not a God-given right of Congress. However, the top leadership of the Congress did not launch a scathing attack on PK after the explosive tweet of Prashant Kishore.

Not only that, Rahul Gandhi has not been able to show the courage to openly oppose the Trinamool Congress even though the Trinamool Congress has constantly exposed the weakness of the Congress leadership. Rather, the Congress is still divided over the grassroots. According to Ghasful Shibir in ‘Jago Bangla’, the Congress leadership has actually lost that momentum. Despite raising grassroots questions against the top leadership, the Congress has not been able to show the courage to retaliate.

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As a result, the Trinamool Congress has been continuously attacking the editorials of Jago Bangla for the last few months. In fact, the faster the grassroots have risen in national politics in the last few months, the more the Congress seems to be in trouble. They are busy managing the quarrel of the team. According to the Trinamool leadership, the Trinamool Congress will increase its power. The party thinks that BJP is the number one enemy of the country. That party will have to be removed from the Delhi masnad in the 2024 elections. Otherwise the danger of democracy. And that is why the Trinamool Congress, led by Abhishek Bandopadhyay, is increasing its power in the states.

Just last week, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said his party did not have the capacity to win 300 seats like the BJP in the next Lok Sabha elections. In other words, the Congress is gradually moving away from power. Trinamool’s statement, what Azad is saying, they have been saying for a long time.

Trinamool has been saying for a long time that the UPA is over. The opposition needs a new coalition. The Congress is so torn apart by party squabbles and bloodshed that it is becoming difficult to hold on to the party. The grassroots claim that the top leaders of the Congress are under house arrest and tweets except for a small show. But the country needs an opposition alliance at the moment. Opposition has given that responsibility to the Trinamool leader. Because he is now the universally accepted, popular opposition face. Opposition forces looked at him. However, in the editorial of Jago Bangla, it has been reminded again that the initiates want to go with everyone.

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