#Kolkata: Dashmi, the end of worship according to the scriptures. However, to some, the pujo still remains. But that is not Durga Pujo. Worship it (West Bengal By Election 2021) 6 And the two Trinamool candidates (West Bengal By Election 2021) are getting the most attention in this pujo. Sovandeb Chattopadhyay of Kharadaha and Udayan Guha of Dinhata. Both have had to go to the polls in the same year, a few months apart. This time at the end of the pujo that vote pujo torajora.

Sovandeb Chattopadhyay won from Bhabanipur seat. The MLA then resigned. He was sent to fight in Kharadha (West Bengal By Election 2021). Where the Trinamool won the Bengal Assembly vote. The other lost by just 57 votes to the nearest BJP candidate Nishith Pramanik (West Bengal By Election 2021). MP Nishith Pramanik, however, resigned from the assembly He is currently an MP from Kochbihar.

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For now, in the atmosphere of Durga Pujo, two long-time politicians have broken public relations. Many say that the first student of the class does not have to study before the exam. He studies throughout the year Shobhandev Chattopadhyay’s role is the same, said his teammates He (Sovandeb Chattopadhyay) has been in Kharadha since last June. Public relations has improved every day according to the rules. But worship is a different chapter. Where many people are found together So all the leaders took care of the public relations.

Sovandeb Chattopadhyay says, “Our team stays by the side of the people all the year round. We don’t have to do public relations for a new period of time. We have reached out to almost every person in Kharadha. That effort will continue in the days to come.” Public relations (West Bengal By Election 2021) in Pujo Kharadha did not exclude Pujo’s treatment. So he came to Ashtami and prayed in Hajra Park.

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Another is Udayan Guha, a candidate from Dinhata Assembly constituency. He lost the last election by only 56 votes. Udayan Guha has risen and fallen to change the fruit of the last time. From Mahasasthi to Maha Nabami, he ran out to several pujo mandapas. However, he did not take any political action anywhere. Never just chatted. Never again have exchanged greetings with visitors.

He will start the campaign again from tomorrow on the tenth day of the month. You will jump into political work completely. He rushed to Vetaguri, Nazirhat, Burirhat, Chowdhuryhat, Bamanhat, Barshakdal, Sahebganj and Putimari villages. He also gave the message to stay next to the village pujo Udayan Guha, however, says, “Let all the people be happy on the day of the festival. After the publicity, now only joy.”

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