#Kolkata: Trinamool candidate Subrata Mandal ensured victory in Gosaba. Gosaba’s Trinamool candidate Subrata Mandal has created a record gap between the four by-elections. At the moment, after ten rounds of counting, the Trinamool has 1 lakh 1 thousand 85 votes. The BJP got 11,595 votes, which means victory is assured. Like the grassroots, the people of Gosabar remember the love of the late MLA Jayant Naskar. That love has overflowed in the ballot box. Note that the Trinamool Rath is also running in Dinhata at the same time. Now let’s see where the grassroots margin is highest.

According to the latest update, at the end of the fifth round of Shantipur, Trinamool candidate Brajkishore Goswami is ahead by 15,547 votes. Seeing the trend in the morning, the laughter of the Trinamool Congress is widening. Because this Shantipur has been the BJP’s average in the state for the last one decade or so. So if the dice are rolled at the last moment in Shantipur, the grassroots of the grassroots will get something extra from just winning seats.

Like political observers, the choice of Brajkishore Goswami as a candidate has been a masterstroke in Shantipur. Because Brajkishore is a descendant of Advaita Acharya, a man who believes in all religions. His image has come in handy against polarization, like negotiators.

Meanwhile, the grassroots are out of reach even in the daytime. At the end of the tenth round, Udayan Guha was ahead by more than 61,000 votes. The Trinamool is seeing a sure victory of the Trinamool even in the daytime. In the last assembly polls here, BJP candidate Nishith Pramanik won by 56 votes. Trinamool’s explanation is that such a big gap in that day is not just a number increase. With this, the BJP’s average grassroots base is being formed in North Bengal.

According to sources, Shobhandev Chatterjee is leading with 18,109 votes in Kharadha Assembly constituency.

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