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#Kolkata: A staff meeting was held at the Salt Lake BD Mancha on Sunday to decide on the strategy for how the Trinamool Congress could win the most seats in the upcoming Bidhannagar Municipal Election. Thirteen candidates from Trinamool Congress (Trinamool Congress) participated in the assembly elections. The meeting was attended by Sujit Basu, Minister of Fire and MLA of Bidhannagar. But while all the other candidates were present at the meeting, Sabyasachi Dutta, a Trinamool candidate from the BJP, was not present.

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Discussions on how to reach out to the people in accordance with the Corona Rules were held in this staff meeting before today’s pre-election. The meeting was attended by Bidhannagar Municipal Election MLA and Fire Minister Sujit Basu. All the candidates from wards 27 to 41, including former mayor Vrinda Chakraborty, were present. There were grassroots activists in the area. However, Sabyasachi Dutta, a Trinamool candidate from Ward No. 31, was not seen.

In this situation, the grassroots work record in Corona situation can be reached from house to house. Sujit Basu attended the staff meeting to invigorate the workers. In order to encourage the candidates more, a staff meeting was organized with the candidates and workers of Trinamool Congress in different wards. Trinamool leader Devraj Chakraborty, MP Saugat Roy and Trinamool Congress candidates from different wards were present there.

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The purpose of this Trinamool Congress is to encourage new Trinamool Congress candidates. The next step is to discuss what they need to do. All the grassroots candidates from all the wards of Rajarhat, Gopalpur area under Bidhannagar Municipal Election were present in this meeting.

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