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TMC MLA Babul Supriyo sang a song in West Bengal state assembly today | Why did Babul sing this song in the assembly? Moksham Argument – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Babul Supriya sang in the state assembly. And in the song he said that he wanted to think in his mind Babul Supriya, a one-time BJP Union Minister and Trinamool MLA, has already attracted a lot of attention in the Assembly as a MLA. Earlier in the day, he was surrounded by a crowd taking selfies. At the request of Biman Bandyopadhyay, Babul sang in the assembly on Thursday, “I want to say my mind …”. (Babul Supriyo)

Thursday is the 7th birthday of Hemant Mukherjee Seeing Babul in the assembly, other legislators requested the song Apparently Babul 7 was a little uncomfortable Opponents will not create unnecessary speculation on the issue? There was that discomfort too. At that time, the principal himself assured Babul. Citing the example of the past, he said, it has been seen before The assembly has been a witness Artists like Aditi Munshi have sung in the assembly This does not ruin the ‘nobility’ of the assembly After that Babul 6 sang (Babul Supriyo)

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Incidentally, on this day, as soon as the BJP MLAs came out in support of the Babul Agriculture Bill, they started chanting the slogan ‘Joy Shri Ram’. Then the grassroots legislators said, “Let there be a song.” Babul laughed. Initially Babul started avoiding the topic. But then after his speech, the speaker said, “Today is Hemant Mukherjee’s birthday. I want to hear a song from you. It’s not just me, everyone wants it.” (Babul Supriyo)

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That’s when Babul started singing. After the singing, Babul said, “Such a good bill is being passed in the assembly, which made my mind want it. So I sang this song. In the assembly, Babul’s song” I want my mind to go “. Last year, during the Jago Bangla Pujo collection, Babul was invited to the stage to sing. Today, Babul Supriya added another dimension to the atmosphere by singing in the assembly.

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