#Kolkata: ‘The next darkest day ‘: Trinamool Congress leaders have expressed concern over the curtailment of press freedom. Trinamool leaders on Wednesday expressed concern over the collapse of India’s press freedom index and criticized the BJP government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for pushing India into the darkest days by directly attacking the fourth pillar of democracy.

According to the 2022 Press Freedom Index published by Reporters Without Borders, India ranks 150th out of 180 countries mapped for the report – down eight places from 142 last year. In 2021, RSF identified India as one of the five most dangerous countries in terms of journalists.

The Paris-based advocacy group has not shied away from blaming the Modi-led BJP government for the crisis. Barasat Trinamool MP Kakli Ghosh Dastidar said on Wednesday, “The fall of the press freedom index is worrying.” Hon’ble Prime Minister alone is leading our country towards darkness! “

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Minister Perth Chatterjee, who is also the secretary general of the All India Trinamool Congress, said the attacks should be stopped immediately. He tweeted, “Stop targeting the fourth pillar of democracy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi! It is a matter of international embarrassment that India has now slipped to 150th position in the World Press Freedom Index. More dark days are coming under the misrule of BJP. ”

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The RSF report further reveals how journalists critical of the Modi government are regularly attacked. The report said that “early on, Modi took a critical stance against journalists, seeing them as” mediators “who were tainting the direct relationship between himself and his supporters. The victims of the campaign are known as fans. ”

Trinamool jokes about how the Modi-led BJP government has regularly targeted the media. On Wednesday, they tweeted, “New India’s latest addition: According to the World Press Freedom Index, India’s ranking has dropped six places:

2021: Ranking 142

2022: Ranking 150

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