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TMC MP responds governors allegation about crossing limit | ‘People are watching everything …’ Abhishek tweets to the governor – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The governor fired at Abhishek Banerjee without naming him. This time Abhishek Banerjee himself responded to the cannon in a tweet. He wrote, “People are watching who is trespassing. I believe in the power of truth. Part of the Calcutta High Court is trying to save some people by colluding with the Center.”

Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar v. Abhishek Banerjee Jagdeep Dhankhar At the heart of this issue is the issue of ‘jurisdiction’ or ‘boundary’. The governor and the Trinamool MP got involved in an indirect war of words over who has the upper hand in presenting speeches or raising questions. Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar fired a cannon at Abhishek Banerjee, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, without setting foot in Siliguri on Sunday. “An MP has crossed the line,” he said. He got his reply in the afternoon. People are watching Abhishek’s tweet, who is crossing the line.

In Siliguri, Dhankhar had said, “The CBI has directed an inquiry into the SSC case and the attack on the judge is reprehensible. An MP has crossed all limits. Benazir has attacked the constitutional institution. Attacks on the judiciary are reprehensible. I am asking the Chief Secretary to take immediate action for what happened on Saturday. ” Although he did not give his name, it was clear in his speech that he had actually targeted the Trinamool MP (Abhishek Banerjee Jagdeep Dhankhar).

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Abhishek did not hesitate to reply. In a tweet, he responded to the governor’s attack in the afternoon. He said, “I like to tell the truth. The day before, I had questioned the sense of responsibility of the 1 percent of the people in the judiciary, I have not said anything about any person.

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Speaking on the sidelines of a workers’ rally in Haldia on Saturday, Abhishek Banerjee said, They will be 1 percent. In any case, the CBI is being directed to investigate. It is giving a stay order in the murder case. ” In other words, the all-India general secretary of the Trinamool raised practical questions about the judiciary on this day.

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