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#Kolkata: Minister Subrata Mukherjee (TMC on Subrata Mukherjee) passed away on the day of the festival of lights. Subrata Mukherjee died at the age of 65 (TMC on Subrata Mukherjee). Subrata Mukherjee, known as a very colorful character in politics, was working as the Panchayat Minister of the state till his last days. He was a former mayor of Kolkata (TMC on Subrata Mukherjee), a minister in four state departments, including panchayats and rural development.

Subrata Mukherjee passed away at SSKM Hospital on Thursday at 9:22 pm. Upon receiving the news, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to the hospital. The Chief Minister is devastated by the news of the death of Priya Subrata. I could not have imagined that such darkness would come down in the day of light, said the Chief Minister at the hospital. After the departure of Mamata Banerjee, all the leaders and ministers of the Trinamool Shibir reached the hospital one by one. The whole grassroots camp is mourning the loss of dear Subrata Da.

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Firhad Hakim said, ‘We all had a leader. I can’t think he’s not here today. He was admitted, I came to the hospital every day. I could not come for 2 days because Kali Pujo was inaugurated. The day the stent was placed, I also came. He was in the ICU that day. Today we have suffered a great loss. In the words of Chandrima Bhattacharya, ‘He was a very lively, funny man. Gone are the days of light, I can’t think. ‘ Shashi Panja reminisced, ‘You could mix with any human being. I can’t think he’s gone. ‘ In the words of Mala Roy, ‘It is very difficult to find a complement to this leader. Ordinary people are broken. Debashis Kumar said, ‘There is a big difference between having Subrata and not having it. I have worked with him for a long time. The relationship is over. ‘ Arup Biswas said, ‘Great loss in the politics of West Bengal’.

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In the words of Kunal Ghosh, ‘Stars fall in politics. He knew the nuances of parliamentary politics. Colorful and interesting character. He could not take the pain of this stent and angioplasty. On Sunday, October 24, doctors advised Subrata to be admitted to SSKM Hospital for a medical check-up. He was taken to ICCU in Woodburn Ward due to shortness of breath. But the situation continues to deteriorate. The veteran politician breathed his last there.

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