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#Kolkata: Kunal Ghosh (Tripura TMC) Kunal Ghosh Viral Video was seen bathing in the sea of ​​Digha in a cheerful mood on the day of publication of Tripura election results. Not only that, he was also heard opening his throat and singing. And the video of this scene did not take long to go viral (Kunal Ghosh Viral Video). At the moment the storm has spread in the net world. Although Kunal Ghosh returned to the election campaign after the Digha tour on Monday and before the full vote in Swamahima, this video is also in the center of tumultuous practice on the media on Monday.

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For the first time in Tripura, the Trinamool Congress came in second. On the other hand, leftists are in the third place without Agartala. In this context, Trinamool state general secretary Kunal Ghosh said, ‘Leftists have missed the opportunity. The All India Trinamool has only worked for two to two and a half months, so the book has been opened. Came up in second place. Trend set. The gap is very small in many wards. This uprising of the grassroots even after so many attacks and lawsuits. Next 2023 is ours. ‘

A total of 334 seats including Agartala Municipality, six Nagar Panchayats and seven Pur Parishads were elected on November 25 in Tripura. As soon as the results of Sunday’s election were announced, the grassroots dreaming of seizing power has already gritted its teeth. Not only that, it has occupied the second place.

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However, after the results were declared, the BJP camp won 329 out of 334 seats. For the first time, Trinamool Shibir has won a seat by participating in the election. Meanwhile, Trinamool spokesperson and general secretary Kunal Ghosh has posted a video on his social media wall (Kunal Ghosh Viral Video).

He also sang songs. (Kunal Ghosh Viral Video) Hindi Movie Famous Song ‘Sagar Kinare’. The video shared by Kunal Ghosh went viral in an instant. And the flood of comments started on social media. Kunal Ghosh has been in Digha for the last few days. And the fact that this scene is there, can no longer be understood. However, in addition to video sharing, he wrote in the caption, ‘Digha. The short journey is almost over.

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