#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress has been sharply critical of the role of the Congress. The Trinamool Congress has written a report in the editorial of their party mouthpiece “Jago Bangla” calling it “voluntary death”. There is still a possibility if the leadership changes and fights. And if the love for Gandhi’s name erupts in today’s meeting too, then the Congress will gradually move towards euthanasia. “

Incidentally, there is a meeting of the working committee of the Congress today. Sunday’s meeting will discuss the collapse of the Congress in the five state elections. The editorial in the Trinamool mouthpiece said, “The tone of revolt in the century-old Indian National Congress. It would be wrong to say just revolt, the smell of extreme revolt is everywhere. In this context, Punjab and Goa have been mentioned in the editorial. It is written that the Congress leadership showed how to hand over a winning state to the opposition.

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The Trinamool has criticized their mouthpiece, the Congress leadership. It said, “Priyanka Gandhi traveled all over the state like in Uttar Pradesh. At the end of the day only two seats! Record all the time. He is talking about changing the leadership of the party. This demand should have been raised a long time ago, then maybe the Congress would have survived. The result is what it is supposed to be. “

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Trinamool Congress leader MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, “The less we talk about the Congress, the better. Congress bail has been seized in most of the constituencies in Uttar Pradesh. In Goa, we were interested in forming an alliance. They did not allow it. See how long the Congress lasts. This situation has become due to the leadership that has been cut from the established leaders and is now being forced from Delhi. Congress will have to look at binoculars tomorrow.

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