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TMC Supremo finalized list of 104 chairperson names | Announce the names of the district chairmen on Monday? I have changed two or four ‘, said Mamata! – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: The list of names of 102 full chairmen and vice chairmen of the state (Municipal Election 2022) will reach the district presidents on Monday. That is the news of the source. The councilors of the respective municipalities will then meet and unanimously support him as chairman. The Trinamool Congress has won 102 out of 107 municipalities alone. The Trinamool Supremo has finalized the list of names of each of those municipalities. In this regard, Mamata Banerjee said today, “I have made two or four changes. I have checked everything thoroughly. I have done cross check. The name will be announced soon.”

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Incidentally, the first voting took place in February in Siliguri, Bidhannagar, Asansol and Chandannagar Puranigam, then in the rest of the municipalities of the state (Municipal Election 2022). That is why the green storm practically swept away the entire state. Not only Siliguri-Bidhannagar-Asansol-Chandannagar but the Trinamool has won in 102 out of the remaining 108 municipalities of the state. Leftists won in 1, and others won in 1. 3 municipalities are triangular.

It is learned that Trinamool supremo (CM Mamata Banerjee) has finalized the names of the chairmen of 102 municipalities (Municipal Election 2022). He recently held a meeting on this issue. However, the names have been changed in several cases before the list was finalized. Mamata herself said that the names were changed after cross-checking the details about them.

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According to the source, the research is done on the basis of experience. Besides, importance is being given to the opinion of local legislators. And after taking it, the list of names of chairmen in 102 municipalities has been finalized. It is learned that the list of names of the chairmen of 102 municipalities (Municipal Election 2022) will be released next Monday.

However, the ruling party (Trinamool Congress) is working cautiously on this issue. According to sources, the party does not want any controversy over the name. Earlier, the Trinamool Congress had to face more or less controversy over the list of candidates. As a result, the ruling party is thinking a lot about appointing a chairman this time. That is what is being thought.

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On the other hand, new embarrassment has been created with the triangular municipalities. This time in the municipal elections, three municipalities are triangular. Jhalda, Beldanga and Egra municipalities have also been triangulated. For example, in Jhalda municipality, out of 12 wards, Trinamool and Congress get five wards each. Power in two wards goes to independents. In fact, the picture is the same in the other two municipalities. However, the district Trinamool was preparing to form a board in support of non-partisans. But recently Mamata Banerjee has given a strong message about non-partisans. He also warned to expel them from the party if they keep in touch with non-partisans. Even within the party, there are differences of opinion regarding the withdrawal of ‘non-partisans’ at the moment. So now the grassroots are taking the policy of ‘let’s go slowly’.

On the other hand, according to sources, Mamata Banerjee may hold a meeting with the hill leadership on Tuesday. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. However, this important meeting can tell how much the Trinamool Congress wants to build its organization in the hills in the coming days and how much it will change the equation, the political circles think.

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