TMC Video for Goa: Goa will also ‘play’, TMC’s new video ‘Goa Goes Didi’

#Kolkata: Suddenly, the ruling Trinamool Congress gained strength in Goa. Former Goa Chief Minister Luisinho Falerio has joined the Trinamool Congress in Kolkata. At the end of the formal joining episode, Falerio explained in measured words why he made this decision (Luizinho Faleiro in TMC). Falerio has made it clear that his bird’s eye view is to oust the BJP. On the other hand, he sees the grassroots as an extended part or legacy of the Congress. The Trinamool has released a new video for Goa following the joining of Luisinho Falerio. The name of the video is ‘Goak Yay Didi’.

In the video, just as Mamata Banerjee’s slogan ‘Khela Chahe’ is being heard, various aspects of Goa culture have also been highlighted. The Trinamool has already strengthened the organization in Tripura. Then there were rumors of grassroots plans for Goa. Meanwhile, former chief minister Luisinho Falerio and several other Congress leaders have joined the grassroots after the Congress camp in Goa collapsed. This time, the ruling party of the state has taken a plan to win the hearts of the Goanis by releasing the video.

Incidentally, Falerio first met Mamata Banerjee in Navanne on Wednesday. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee was also present. Mamata Banerjee herself tweeted about Falerio joining. After that, there was a formal participation in the press conference at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra.

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“I met Mamata Banerjee,” Falerio said. I joined the National Trinamool Congress today. I resigned from Congress two days ago. Resigning from the Congress family I actually came to the larger Congress family TMC. The main goal of my joining is to remove the BJP from power In all cases, they are destroying the culture.

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