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TMC vs BJP | Bengal bypoll: Rajyapat is in the palm of your hand, but why is the grassroots wanting four today?


#Kolkata: The Trinamool has come to power after winning the 2021 assembly elections in Bengal by a wide margin. But the battlefields of the state (Bengal bypoll) are once again on the battlefield today due to the death of the candidate due to Corona somewhere, the return of the Opposition MP to Delhi even after winning again. Apparently this vote in all four corners of the state is not very important to the grassroots. On the contrary, this victory or defeat is a big factor for the BJP. If Shantipur and Dinhata, which won the just-concluded election, can be occupied, the existence will be saved even if there is some soil under the feet. On the other hand, the struggle of the grassroots is for the expansion of empire. Needless to say, the Trinamool has warmed up enough for this by-election without taking lightly, it is clear that the BJP will not get an easy walkover. But why this exercise of the ruling party?

According to the political circles, the focus of the grassroots at this moment is the expansion of the empire. Ghasful Shibir wants to increase its strength. That is why the defectors have been given a place in the party even after winning the election. This is exactly the reason why the grassroots wants to make it 4-2 in 4 today (not the old result of these four seats).

The existence of BJP in North Bengal is much more than in South Bengal. Using the social engineering method, the BJP has come there with separate promises to groups like Matua, Rajbangshi etc. The grassroots are still desperate to prove that the BJP’s social engineering has not cut it. If Dinhata, which lost by only 57 votes, wins this time, the BJP’s land in North Bengal will be reduced even a little, and that is what the grassroots want.

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The challenge for the grassroots is to keep the gap. Because the candidate is heavyweight. Kajal Sinha defeated BJP’s Shilbhadra Dutt by more than 26,000 votes in the battle of Kharadha. He died in Corona shortly after the results were announced. Shobhandev Chatterjee has come here to fight as a replacement for Kajal Sinha by gifting the seat of Bhabanipur to the Trinamool leader. Trinamool is jumping on the bandwagon to pay homage to Kajal Sinha’s memory and Shobhandev. The ruling party wants to prove that Gosaba is a strong base of the grassroots and that the BJP has not been able to grind its teeth there.

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Today, the values ​​of the BJP will be protected. The BJP camp will be able to take the preparations for the by-elections in a splendid manner. Confidence will increase downstairs. This fight is for the BJP to deal with disaster, damage control. Demonstrating strength to the grassroots.

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