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To avoid risk, the work of Boubazar will be closed for the time being Few more Bowbazar houses to be broken due to metro work – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: To avoid the risk, KMRCL 8 is currently shutting down work in the damaged part of the bazaar Due to the monsoon, the work of Boubazar is lagging behind. Work is four months behind schedule. If the monsoon is prolonged, that work will be further delayed. Expert Professor Leonardo John Indict will come to Boubazar next week. He had made all the reports of Boubazar before. This geologist is a member of the expert committee of KMRCL.

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On the other hand, IIT Roorkee is going to test the soil again. Waiting till the soil test report of Boubazar. On the other hand, KMRCL 7 sent another letter to Calcutta Municipality House number 15 is a very dangerous house. KMRCL 6 wants to demolish this house Currently a house, 16/1 is being demolished. The demolition work of house number 16 is stuck due to legal complications.

For now, Kolkata Metro Railway Corporation Limited is relieved The water has stopped flowing completely By no means is the water rising. The eleven places from which water was continuously coming out have been completely shut off by grouting. However, stopping the flow of water does not mean that the grouting will be stopped. Extensive grouting work will continue. At the same time another relief news, the movement of soil has stopped at the bottom of the tunnel. It has already been detected in meters installed in different places. As a result, there is no possibility of settlement. Therefore, it is believed that no new cracks will appear in any house.

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Like in 2019, the problem is due to leaking water. Water was constantly coming out from about 33.3 meters below the tunnel boring machine bar. The problem starts about 9 meters out of the 36 meters below the ground which is towards the Esplanade. The tunnel boring machine started leaking water in the last few days due to rains in the lower part of the tunnel on the side where Chandi was damaged.

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