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To increase income, promotion of movies or advertisements can be done in metro station – News18 Bangla


Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Metro Rail (Kolkata Metro) 7 new steps to increase revenue This time the cinema or any commercial program of any advertising agency can be done in the metro station premises. But for that you have to count the money. Promotional promotion should be kept in mind so that passengers do not have any problem to travel.

Kolkata Metro has already announced that from now on, any organization including producers, businessmen, educational institutions, health sector, banks will be able to use the metro station for their own promotion. In other words, in order to intensify the promotion of the movie before its release, programs can be organized in the metro premises to reach out to more people. If necessary, the movie crew can also go to the metro station to interact with the general public. Similarly, Metro can be used to promote anything. Not only that, small kiosks will also be allowed to open in the metro station premises in case of publicity, Metro sources said.

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Although Dakshineswar-Kabi Subhash and East-West Metro stations can be used for propaganda work, there are some conditions for kiosks. First, kiosks will not be allowed at Dumdum Metro Station. Second, you only get 20 square feet of space for the kiosk. But for that you have to pay on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Every day a large number of people travel on the metro. As a result, it is expected that this method will be much easier to reach people. It is believed that the business will grow in all cases, whether it is selling movies or anything else. Besides, it will also increase the revenue of Metro.

It is to be mentioned that Dev and Rukmini were seen in Metro a few days ago during the promotion of the movie. He also listened to the song of their raisin picture while talking to the passengers in the metro room. Earlier, several movies were shot in Metro. But this time Metro Rail is being allowed to be used for full publicity.

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