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Venkateswara Lahiri, Kolkata: Shadeless Calcutta. And just wait a while. After that, Tilottama is going to witness rare events. Today is Sunday. No shadow will fall at 11:35 in the morning Interest and curiosity about ‘No Shadow Day’ is at its peak now. At this time in different parts of Kolkata, many people are preparing to keep this time with their lives. The frenzy has started since morning to gather in their neighborhood or area to witness ‘No Shadow Day’.

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At this particular time of day the shadow of man or object will disappear. We get No Shadow Day two days of the year with the rising and setting of the sun. Someone noticed. No one does. Today is the first day of the current year. At exactly 11:35 a.m., the sun will rise just above the head of any person or object. In the terminology of astronomy which is called Lattitude Declination 6 Its durability is one and a half to two seconds. The duration of this No Shadow Day will vary from two to three seconds in different parts of Kolkata. Kolkata will be shadowless. Any object other than an object lying crooked on the ground alone will lose its shadow for a while.

After today, the same incident will be repeated on July 7 of this year. On that day this rare event will happen in Kolkata at 11:41 am. The duration of the special day will be a couple of seconds. There will be slight variations in area-wise time. The whole world, of course, will not witness this. Only those countries in the world between 23 and a half degrees north latitude and 23 and a half degrees south latitude will be able to witness this ‘No Shadow Day’.

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