#Kolkata: Zoologists at the University of Queensland in Australia studied the harmful effects of jute seeds in the 1960’s. In 1982, they published a journal saying that jute seeds were very dangerous as animal food. One hundred grams of jute seeds were mixed in each kg of food and fed to the pigs It is seen that the pig died due to excessive application of jute seeds Another pig was fed 50 grams of jute seeds per kg, which died after three weeks.

Worryingly, an unscrupulous clique in our state is selling excessive quantities of jute seeds mixed with black cumin. That black cumin is also entering the human body as a cooking spice. News of the adulterated black cumin trade has reached the ears of the enforcement branch officials.

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Earlier, the enforcement branch of Kolkata police had confiscated black cumin dyed with burnt mobiles from the market. There was also a case. This time the traders are adulterating black cumin in a more horrible way. In Chapra, Hatishala area of ​​Nadia district, jute seeds are being mixed with chemicals and dyed black. After that it is mixed with black cumin.

The only difference between the two is that the jute seeds are slightly larger in size, so that ordinary people do not understand. The adulterated black cumin is being loaded into lorries and going to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and other states. That black cumin is entering Kolkata and Siliguri of our state. Sources said that some traders are selling black cumin near the sugar bar in Barabazar.

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