Tourism: Rain, the pleasure of walking in the midst of landslides, ice tourists at Sikkim’s Gurdongmar Lake

Kanchenjunga was in the palm of his hand two days ago! Sleeping Buddha philosophy to practically wake up! It was fun to travel to the hill town! But since Monday afternoon, the weather has changed. The mountains are covered with black clouds! And it has been raining heavily since Tuesday morning

. Due to the effect of depression, the mountain woke up a little late today in the rain! What comes of it! Pujo season tourist hill!

Either the sunrise was not seen on Tiger Hill today, or Kanchan was not seen from the view point! Yet tourists today are outside the four walls of the hotel. Someone is busy chatting in the mall! Someone is busy shopping! Someone is busy sipping a cup of hot tea at Glinaris or Cavenders again! Is it possible to come and sit in the room! Says the tourists.

Come to visit the hotel! Not at all! So go out with an umbrella on your head! From the mall to the market! Tourists are giggling everywhere under the umbrella.

Go out to enjoy the rain in the mountains! To see the beauty of the rain. The cold has also increased due to the rain. But the tourists who came to visit the mountains could not be held captive! While the state is floating in the rain, another picture is in North Sikkim! Snowfall in Gurdongmare! Mete tourists! The whole of Gurdongmar Lake is covered with white ice. Just covered in white snow all around! Drunk tourists playing with a piece of ice!

Meanwhile, several houses collapsed in the tea garden area of ​​Mirik sub-division due to continuous rains. However, no injuries were reported. Public life disrupted due to rain. Up and down toy train also got stuck due to continuous rain. NJP-Darjeeling toy train service disrupted.

The Darjeeling-bound up train is stopped at Rangtong station. Bringing back. On the other hand, the down train is being taken back to Darjeeling from Karshiyang station. The line collapsed at multiple places between Tung and Karshiyang stations. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway sources said that the renovation work has started. (Report – Parthapratim Government)

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