#Kolkata: A railway worker was killed when he was hit by a railway inspection car. According to the Railway Union, the inspection was carried out by the Additional Divisional Railway Manager of Sealdah Division. Besides, there were several department heads in that inspection car But no one got off the train at once to search for the person injured in the accident. Even the train was not stopped Railway workers are furious over the whole incident. The incident started on Friday.

Ashok Biswas, an employee of the Signal Construction Division of Sealdah Division, was working on the line near Kalyani. At age 45, a senior technician was working on a line of signal surveys At that time the inspection car of Sealdah division was going along that line According to railway sources, ADRM Sealdah was going to visit Krishnanagar section. And then the accident happened. Due to which Ashok Babu’s body is practically scattered in the line. The severity of the injuries can be seen from the body of the railway workers.

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It is a mistake to assume that the whole matter did not come to the notice of motormen or other railway workers. Angry railway workers did not stop the train even after that. Amit Ghosh, general secretary of Railway Men’s Union, alleged that a railway worker was being cut off by a railway inspection car. It is an inhuman behavior not to stop anyone even after seeing or knowing it Especially when senior officers were on the train. Railway unions, on the other hand, allege that there is usually an employee with a senior technician Because the train was running along that line. There were no associates with the senior technician that day.

There have been several allegations of mistreatment of railway workers before. One person was killed in a lightning strike at Sealdah Narkeldanga car shed. A railway worker was seriously injured in a tower van accident at Srirampur. In all these cases, the railway officials complained. However, railway sources said that there was no DRM in the train on Friday. There were ADRM, Senior DST, Senior DMC and other officers. According to railway officials, this is a very sad incident Soon all compensation and pet employment arrangements will be made by the railways. The incident did not come to the notice of the officials that day So the inspection car could not be stopped


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