# Bidhannagar: The train Fraud in the name of getting a train ticket. Arrested Travel Agent. Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police arrested the accused.

According to police sources, Krishna De Agarwal was allowed to buy train tickets to Chennai through a tourism company called Drishna Tours and Travels last August. He also paid Rs 2,000 to the company for that However, the company could not cut the train ticket. Instead, the company says the money will be spent on the next booking.

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Within a few days, the complainant again paid Rs 53,000 to the owner of the company for canceling the flight ticket to and from Chennai. The company could not cut the ticket again. After realizing that the owner of this company was cheating with money again and again, the complainant went to the Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station.

Police arrested Debabrata Ghosh, a resident of Dumdum, last night after investigating the incident. A mobile phone and a trade license were recovered from him. The accused will be taken to Bidhannagar court today. Police of Bidhannagar Cyber ​​Crime Police Station have started investigation into the cause of such incident.

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