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Transport Minister explains to Trinamool MLA, not bus stands with government money everywhere – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: There are no bus stands everywhere Instead, the Department of Transportation is emphasizing on making full use of the stand where the common man can do it The state transport department does not want to spend any extra money on any plan by constructing new bus stands unnecessarily. State Transport Minister Firhad Hakim has made it clear in the assembly.

Nadia’s Nakashipara Trinamool MLA Kallol Khan wants to know from the Transport Minister in the Assembly, how long will the work of the bus stand at Bethuadhari in his area be completed? In reply, the transport minister said that the work has already been completed. There is little work left. Kallol Khan then asked additional questions, “Buses stop at the Panth Tirtha area of ​​Krishnanagar, one of the important links between North Bengal and South Bengal, but it is not a government bus stand. Does the government have any plans to build a new government bus stand on the national highway? ”

Answering this question, Firhad Hakim said, “We cannot do any arbitrariness with human money. There are many bus stands in Nadia district. Another bus stand has been set up at Bethuadhari. Even then, the officials of our department will study and decide whether there is a need for a new bus stand on Krishnanagar Highway, then a decision will be taken. ”

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According to the minister, rebuilding bus stands where there are so many bus stands is a waste of government money. However, the Transport Department must consider the MLA’s proposal. On the other hand, no new staff is being appointed in the Transport Department at present.

According to the transport minister, the transport department has no plans to hire new permanent staff at the moment. During the Left period, 13-14 people were recruited per bus. He still has to pull the strings. If it is run in this way, the transport corporations will have to give up. But he also said that new staff must be hired in the coming days for the e-bus that the government is buying now.

Incidentally, the state government still subsidizes the transport corporations. Due to which there is extra tension in the state treasury. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has ruled in almost every district administrative review meeting that whatever is desired cannot be done with people’s money. This time the tune was heard in the throat of Transport Minister Firhad Hakim. He explained this in the question and answer session of the assembly.

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