#Kalna: The Trinamool Congress has claimed that Kalna Municipality has been disrupted. The Trinamool leadership sat in a meeting with 18 councilors in Kalna municipality on Monday. They were summoned to Calcutta on Monday. After that meeting, the grassroots leadership said that the councilors had admitted their mistake and would abide by all the instructions of the party.

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According to party sources, the meeting was convened to ensure the election of the chairman as per the instructions of the party. Earlier, the party had appointed Anand Dutt as chairman and Tapan Porel as vice chairman. But the majority councilor Tapan Porel is the chairman of the board. After that the situation got out of hand. In order to keep the situation under control, the district administration canceled the appointment process expressing concern over the deteriorating law and order situation. The incident took place on March 16. After the swearing-in ceremony at the Purshree Mancha in Kalna on that day, the election process for the Purash chief began. There, disobeying the party’s instructions, the majority of councilors elected Tapan Porel as the mayor. Extreme chaos ensued around this incident. The sub-divisional ruler left the meeting room without taking the oath of office. The district magistrate canceled the recruitment process for fear of deteriorating law and order. The party then expelled Tapan Porel for allegedly engaging in anti-party activities.

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The state leadership of the Trinamool Congress then called a meeting of 16 councilors on Monday to unravel the problem. Minister Arup Biswas was accompanied by Minister Swapan Debnath and local MLA Rabindranath Chatterjee at the meeting held at Netaji Indoor Stadium. At that meeting, the councilors were informed that the instructions of the party must be clearly obeyed, otherwise the party will take strict action. However, the team has not yet made a final decision on Tapan Porel.

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