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#Kolkata: Some won by 72 thousand votes, some won by 36 thousand 7 In the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Elections 2021), the margin of victory for most of the grassroots candidates is a few thousand votes. Looking at the results, there is no way to understand whether the candidates have won in the pre-election or the result of any assembly vote!

However, there are exceptional pictures in this crowd of victories at intervals of a few thousand (KMC Election Results 2021) In Ward No. 21 of Kolkata Municipality, the Trinamool candidate has won by only 44 votes 8 CPM candidates have lost for a short time

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Trinamool candidate Meera Hazra has won from Ward No. 21 of Kolkata Municipality He got 3651 votes There CPM candidate Sujata Saha received 3606 votes! In other words, 8 of the CPM candidates have lost for only 44 votes

Nineteen, twenty differences in the rate of votes received by the two candidates The Trinamool candidate got 40.6 per cent votes and the Trinamool candidate got 40.20 per cent votes. BJP candidate Purnima Chakraborty from that ward is far behind Trinamool and BJP candidates. He got 1899 votes

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Trinamool candidate Fayyaz Khan, son of Minister Javed Khan, has won from Ward No. 6 of Kolkata Municipality by more than 62,000 votes. Ward 109 Trinamool candidate Ananya Banerjee has a victory margin of more than 36,000.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections. Trinamool’s counter-tool to blunt the opposition’s allegations is now the result of Ward No. 21 The question of the ruling camp is, if they won the election by fraud, how did their candidate win in Ward No. 21 with only 44 votes?

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