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#Kolkata: The controversy over KK’s ceremony and death has not stopped. Veteran MP Saugat Roy questioned the source of money at the college fest. As a result of his statement, the ruling party and their student organizations became practically uncomfortable.

This time, Trinamool Chhatra Parishad informed about all the sources of money by e-mail to Saugat Roy. According to sources, an e-mail was sent to Saugat Roy on Monday. There is a detailed account of the cost of the cake. According to sources, the event cost about 21 lakh rupees. All the documents of online transaction are given in it. It has been claimed that the money that has been accumulated for the last three years has been spent

Dumdum MP has also been asked to contact the college principal if he wants any further information in this regard. Saugat Roy questioned the source of the money spent on the KK event in Kolkata. His complaint is that if you want to spend so much money to perform, you have to bow down to the promoter or the local bullies. He also raised questions about the ethics of the college student body.

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Naturally, the opposition leadership has become vocal in using the remarks of the ruling party MPs. However, Shantanu Sen, another MP from the ruling party, claimed that the fest money came from a joint fund of colleges and student organizations. There is no need to create unnecessary controversy about this.

Popular Bollywood artist Krishnakumar alias KK came to sing at Gurudas Mahavidyalaya Fest in Kolkata on May 31. He died of a heart attack shortly after returning to the hotel. Multiple controversies have been created around the artist’s death. Complaints have also been raised about the mismanagement of the program. But above all, the question of the opposition was that it would cost at least Rs 15-20 lakh to bring a popular artist from Mumbai to Kolkata. The entire event cost around Rs 50 lakh. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the college. Saugat Roy, an MP from the ruling party, also raised the same question.

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The TMCP claimed that the entire cost of the KK program was borne by the college authorities. Dumdum MP attended a Trinamool Chhatra Parishad function in Barahanagar on Saturday. While speaking there, he drew attention to the issue of KK’s death.

Saugatbabu said, “Keke came to sing and died. I heard how much it cost 30 lakhs or 50 lakhs to organize the event. I just think, where did so much money come from! Money doesn’t come in the air anymore. ” Not only that, the MP further said, “Was it necessary to bring in a Bombay artiste by spending so much money? If you want to perform with so much money, you have to surrender to someone or something. Either the promoter or the bullies of the area. And if you surrender first, what will you do for the rest of your life? ” According to the political circles, the Trinamool Congress branch organization also sent a message to the opposition by explaining the account to the party MP in an email.

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