#Kolkata: The new office is being set up temporarily next to the EM bypass to run the party work. The Trinamool Congress wants to start party work by renting a house. A four-storey house has been taken near Bypass Dhabar for the time being. The new party office is starting there. Whose inauguration begins tomorrow. Sometimes there was no space for press conference. When the workers came from the district, they had to think about the place to stay. Many places needed care and repairs.

After the big victory in the election of Ekushey, finally the plan was taken to renovate the Trinamool building. The party meeting hinted at the expansion of Trinamool Bhaban on June 5 last year. On May 20, 2002, the Trinamool Bhaban was constructed next to the bypass. The team was small then, the power was very limited. Now the team in Culver has grown a lot. Winning three times in a row has proved how tough the bottom line of the team is. On top of that, the party wants to expand in the national context. So, like the other five national teams, I want a shiny headquarters.

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According to sources, the expansion of the old building was planned keeping these aspects in mind. The temporary new building has been taken up to accommodate 4 storeys. There is a separate room for each branch. There is room for the top leaders of the organization. Seating for staff from the district. There is a press conference room. Virtual meeting arrangements. In addition, there are halls and conference rooms for party meetings. The canteen will be built, where the staff will get cheap food.

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Like the political elite, there was actually a tactical political message behind this expansion of the Trinamool building. The party is trying to explain in the grassroots register. Growing organization. The communication with the district workers is being increased so that the district workers can come and stay at the Trinamool Bhaban at night. Apart from that, Mamata Banerjee herself announced to focus on the government as well as the party in 2019. Since then the organization has been thinking deeply.

Although the old building on the side of the bypass has been demolished, some say the work has not progressed in that sense. Having a temporary office on the side of the bypass is not exactly like running a party office. So until the new building is being constructed, the Trinamool will work from the temporary house. According to sources, the party leader will hold a meeting in this temporary office soon.

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