#Kolkata: Trinamool Fact Finding Committee in Jahangirpuri, Delhi. Today, a delegation is going to Jahangirpuri in Delhi on behalf of Trinamool Fact Finding Committee under the direction of party leader Mamata Banerjee. The Trinamool delegation will arrive in Delhi on Friday. The party is led by MP Kakli Ghosh Dastidar. Arpita Ghosh, Aparupa Poddar, Mansaranjan Bhuiyan, MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay are also present. Shatabdi Roy arrived in Delhi (TMC Jahangirpuri) earlier last night.

Trinamool’s Aprupa Poddar said in this regard, “Our leader has sent. We are going to Jahangirpuri under the leadership of Kakli Di. There has been a heinous incident which is highly reprehensible. What I have seen in the media is still there.

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Arpita Ghosh said that what happened in Jahangirpuri was as clear as daylight. Today we are going under the direction of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. We want to go and find out, why this happened? Why did the house break with the bulldozer? I will go and find out the whole matter and then I will tell you why the house was demolished despite the stay order of the Supreme Court. “

Sudip Banerjee said, “We are sending a five-member women’s delegation led by MP Kakuli Ghosh Dastidar. There are five others including Shatabdi Roy, Aparupa Poddar, Arpita Ghosh. I will monitor the matter from Delhi. I want to send women. No news. ” Regarding the Jahangirpuri incident, Sudip Bandyopadhyay said, “It is a very serious incident. The order of the Supreme Court has been disobeyed. Unilateral action is being taken which is highly reprehensible. We never support it. Parliament is closed so there is little chance of raising it in Lok Sabha.

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Incidentally, the TMC Jahangirpuri area of ​​north-west Delhi is still in its infancy. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. The BJP-led Delhi administration is selectively targeting the property of certain communities. Such allegations have been leveled at the opposition Congress, the Left and other parties. Opposition groups called for the Supreme Court to suspend the construction work, but said it was not being carried out. In this context, the grassroots leadership. Today, the Trinamool delegation went there to see the situation first hand and see what position it takes.

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