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Kolkata: Pujo after Pujo vote again. In Bengal, state politics is once again in full swing around the vote pujo. West Bengal By Poll is going to be held on October 30 in four centers of the state. According to the results of the 2021 assembly polls in these four centers, the match was 2-2. The Trinamool Congress (TMC), however, says it has won all four seats.

What is the reason for the by-election of these four centers? Trinamool candidate Jayant Naskar won in Gosaba constituency. He got about 104656 votes. BJP candidate Varun Pramanik lost. He got 61515 votes. Voting here is due to the death of MLA Jayant Naskar. Trinamool candidate Kajal Sinha won in Kharadha constituency. He got 69706 votes. BJP candidate Shilbhadra Dutt lost. He got 617 votes.

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Kajal Sinha’s death will be voted in this center. BJP candidate Jagannath Sarkar won in Shantipur constituency. He got 109622 votes. Trinamool candidate Ajay Dey lost. He got 93744 votes. Jagannath Sarkar wants to be an MP. He resigned as MLA. BJP’s Nishith Pramanik won in Dinhata. He got 116035 votes. Udayan Guha of Trinamool lost. He got 11596 votes.

Nishith Pramanik, MP, now Union Minister. He resigned as MLA. So this center will vote. Trinamool Congress leaders claimed that they had already sought votes in all the four constituencies. Trinamool Congress leader and state minister Firhad Hakim said, “If there is no MLA, it is within the rules to get the vote done within six months. Otherwise a crisis is created. That is why we wanted this vote long ago. We are happy to announce the commission today. Sometimes I will enjoy Pujo for 15 days. Then the voting will start again. There will be no problems anywhere. “

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Another state minister, Chandrima Bhattacharya, said, “The BJP was afraid of losing that seat. So when he heard the name of the vote, he repeatedly asked to postpone it. None of their dramas will be of any use. ”The BJP, however, is desperate to retain their seats. And the Trinamool wants to win all the seats. So the campaign is starting from now. The name of the candidate will be announced soon. Before that, district wise instructions have been sent.

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