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#Kolkata: A few days ago, he left the Congress and joined the grassroots The Trinamool Congress (TMC nominees Sushmita Dev in Rajya Sabha) has nominated Sushmita Dev for the Rajya Sabha seat. Soon after joining, the Trinamool leadership sent Sushmita to Tripura with special responsibilities This time the Rajya Sabha candidate Trinamool explained to him that the party wants to give due importance to this experienced leader.

On October 4, there will be by-elections in six Rajya Sabha By-Elections in five states across the country. It has one seat from West Bengal A Rajya Sabha seat from West Bengal has fallen vacant following the resignation of Manas Bhuiyan MP. Trinamool 7 nominated Sushmita Dev in that seat Apart from West Bengal, by-elections are to be held in Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra

The Trinamool (TMC) has tweeted that it will nominate Sushmita Dev for the Rajya Sabha. “Mamata Banerjee’s vision is to empower women and ensure their greater participation in politics, which will help our society achieve more,” it said.

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“I am thrilled and grateful to Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek,” said Sushmita Dev, who was nominated to the Rajya Sabha. I don’t know if I deserve this honor, but I’m ready to take my team’s vision forward. “

According to grassroots sources, the party has decided to send Sushmita Dev to the Rajya Sabha for two main reasons. Trinamool wants to use the experience of Sushmita, former president of the All India Women’s Congress, in parliamentary politics as well as in the organization. Sushmita is currently working to strengthen grassroots organizations in Tripura. Sushmita’s father Santosh Mohan Dev was an MP from Tripura That is why Sushmita Dev knows Tripura like the palm of her hand The people of Tripura also have different feelings towards him That is why Team 8 has given special responsibility to Sushmita in Tripura

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Trinamool wants to use Sushmita to build its own organization in the whole of North East India Besides, Trinamool sources said that Sushmita is being sent to Parliament to win the hearts of women voters At the moment, in terms of numbers, Sushmita Deb’s victory is somehow certain But it remains to be seen whether the BJP will field a candidate in this seat or whether Sushmita Dev, like Jahar Sarkar, will contest the Rajya Sabha without contest.

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