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#Kolkata: The name of the candidate has not been announced yet. However, the voting day has been announced. The Election Commission has informed that the vote of Kolkata Municipality will be held on 19th December. So why sit still! Trinamool Congress workers reluctant to waste a single moment (Kolkata Municipal Corporations 2021).

The Trinamool Congress is likely to announce the list of candidates for the by-elections in Kolkata today Earlier, Trinamool Congress (TMC) workers were seen writing and campaigning on walls in various wards of Kolkata Municipality on Thursday. Within hours of the announcement of the polling day in Ward No. 14 under the Kolkata Municipality, the Trinamool activists started writing on the walls one by one. However, there is no name of the candidate anywhere. Mamata Banerjee’s development is being written on all the walls. Abhishek Banerjee’s name is also being written on the wall (KMC Elections 2021).

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“Anyone who fights for the Trinamool Congress will win. Our current councilor, Amal Chakraborty, is the one who I hope will be the candidate. He has done a lot for the people. We are leaving room for the candidate’s name on the wall,” said one party worker. As soon as the name of the candidate is announced, I will write the name in that place on the wall. The grassroots symbol will win. There is nothing to say about the opposition. “

Another Trinamool activist said, “Whatever Mamata Banerjee has done for the people, the candidates will win with a smile. It is our custom to write on the wall, so I started that work.”

Not just wall writing, the Trinamool Congress has started all kinds of propaganda. In the Ultodanga area, some grassroots activists went from house to house on Thursday evening and started campaigning. The local grassroots leader said, “Because of Corona, we have four or five people going out in the campaign together. We are emphasizing on public relations. When the name of the candidate is announced, I will go out with him. We will have small meetings.”

Seeing the situation, it is understood that the Trinamool started the fight for the vote of Calcutta Municipality one step ahead. The BJP, the Left Front or the Congress are all behind the ruling party in the pre-poll campaign.

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