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Trinamool target in Bhabanipur is multi-storied, ruling party is fielding women brigade – News18 Bangla


#Bhabanipur: Trinamool has come up with a new strategy in Bhabanipur to ensure Mamata Banerjee’s victory. The multi-storey buildings of Bhabanipur are aimed at the ruling party And the ruling party is fielding its women’s brigade to win the support of the residents of those multi-storey buildings.

The big factor in Bhabanipur is non-Bengali vote And the Trinamool has targeted the multi-storied Bhabanipur area to win the non-Bengali vote over the BJP. Because most of the residents of these multi-storey buildings are non-Bengali

According to the grassroots strategy, they will send the women’s brigade of the party to these multi-storey buildings There will be five female workers in one group The women will try to find out if the multi-storey residents have benefited from all the government projects. They will also listen to the complaints of lack of residents According to grassroots sources, the ruling party will be able to use this information not only in the Assembly elections but also in the upcoming by-elections.

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Commenting on the Trinamool’s campaign in three centers in the state, including Bhabanipur, Trinamool leader Sukhendu Shekhar Roy said, “Our party will go door-to-door with the people just as the government is going door-to-door. They will inform the people about the social development projects that Mamata Banerjee has started and which will be launched. At the door, the grassroots is going to be an important part of our election campaign Apart from this, the Trinamool has plans to hold small road rallies in Bhabanipur in support of Mamata Banerjee.

In Bhabanipur, the BJP took the campaign by storm from the very beginning In the last two or three days, BJP is also coming down to the ground The non-Bengali voters living in Bhabanipur are the biggest hope of the BJP Trinamool wants to put a big hand in that vote Mamata Banerjee has started campaigning in Bhabanipur since last Wednesday Yesterday, the Chief Minister went to Bhabanipur and made public relations But the Trinamool leader made it clear at the meeting that it was not possible for her to reach all the voters in Bhabanipur due to her busy schedule. On his behalf, the Chief Minister advised the party workers to reach out to the people Following that suggestion, the Trinamool decided a new strategy in Bhabanipur

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