#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) is set to outline the development of Kolkata in the next five years before the KMC Elections 2021, not the manifesto. The outline will be released on Saturday at 2 pm in Maharashtra Trinamool is demanding this as an outline to take Kolkata to another height in the next five years

From the very beginning of the election campaign, the Trinamool has been saying that they are confident of contesting the elections, keeping in view the development of the Kolkata Pur area during their tenure in the last one decade.

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The same advice has been given to the candidates, leaders and workers of the party on behalf of the ruling party As a result, the grassroots top leadership feels that there is no need to go to the polls just by issuing manifestos. Rather, the ruling party claims that it will outline the plans for the development of Kolkata in the coming days based on the work done in the last ten years.

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The top leaders of the party should be present at the announcement ceremony However, according to the ruling party sources, there is a strong possibility that there will be big surprises in the development plan of Kolkata

Leftists have already announced the pre-vote manifesto The BJP has also issued a manifesto However, the Trinamool Congress started campaigning by announcing the list of candidates first for the by-elections The ruling party has also given some surprises in the list of candidates Despite the delay in publishing the manifesto, they could make a big difference in Kolkata’s development plans.

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