#Tripura: Tripura police have filed a chargesheet against Kunal Ghosh in a Tripura court. Amravati Judicial Magistrate’s Court has issued summons in Kunal’s name.

Kunal spoke about Sita’s mental anguish by talking about her entry into the abyss. His statement was that Joy Sitaram or Siyaram has been distorted or intentionally excluded from Sita to Sriram. Insulted in the kingdom of Rama, Sita had to go to the forest in her first pregnancy. He then practically committed suicide by entering the abyss. Tripura police have filed multiple cases alleging insult to religion. Kunal went in person and faced interrogation in every police station. He took with him various editions of Ramayana and research books. Kunal said he was a Hindu himself. He had no intention of hurting any religion. For those who are doing politics in the name of Ram, he raised the question of Sita’s fate.

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Kunal was confronted by the police on November 12, 2021 at Bagma outpost in Tripura. Six months later, the Tripura police has now issued a chargesheet in the case. The court summoned Kunal to appear in court on the morning of May 30.

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On the other hand, Kunal Ghosh was convicted in a case of attempted suicide. After examining all the information, Judge Manojyoti Bhattacharya of Bidhan Nagar MP MLA Court gave the verdict. Though convicted, the judge commuted the sentence. On November 13, 2014, jailed Kunal Ghosh was charged with suicide. He tried to commit suicide by taking sleeping pills. Prison authorities said no such incident had taken place, and doctors said sleeping pills were found in the stomach. That case was decided today. The court strongly criticized the jail and police in the order. Kunal Ghosh had a life risk. Could have been murdered. He did not have proper security.

Kunal Ghosh was arrested in the Sarada case on November 29, 2013. On the same day, he said, “I am innocent,” and on the day of the verdict in the suicide case, 8 years later, Kunal Ghosh said, “I am innocent. I am the victim of a larger conspiracy. “It turned out today, the state government police proved I tried to commit suicide. I’m not crazy, I didn’t act today. Proved today,” said Kunal Ghosh.

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