#Kolkata: Two passengers are undergoing treatment in ICU after being hit by a SpiceJet flight in Durgapur. At least 15 people were injured in the accident Among them are passengers as well as flight attendants

The DGCA has already imposed a ban on the B37-800 aircraft. As a precautionary measure, all SpiceJet aircraft will be tested Not only that, the crew of the flight from Mumbai to Andal, the staff in charge of the Maintenance Control Center and the officials have also been deployed for the time being. The same ban has been imposed on the workers who have given clearance for the flight of the plane

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The plane, which was en route to Andal from Mumbai on Sunday, crashed in mid-air before landing. Due to which a strong jolt started in the aircraft The plane descended far below the height at which it was flying

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This resulted in injuries to the head, spine, forehead and face of many passengers inside the aircraft Two of the injured are still being treated at two private hospitals in Durgapur They are being treated in ICU

A statement from DGCA said the plane’s autopilot mode was not working at the time of the incident. At that time the pilots flew the plane themselves The pilots informed about the incident by contacting Durgapur ATC As several passengers were injured, they were asked to set up medical facilities immediately after landing

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