#Kolkata: The price of diesel has gone up, but the rent has not gone up In this argument Ola-Uber got up but the drivers were not running AC There were constant disputes between the driver and the passengers Uber Fare Hike in Kolkata 7

In this situation, Uber 7 increased the fare for Kolkata by 12 percent in one fell swoop Uber New Fare in Kolkata (8) If the rent increases, the AC will be run, this is the reason why the company took such a step However, Uber’s decision was not well received by the state government, said Transport Minister Firhad Hakim Not only that, this time the state government will bring a law in the next assembly session to control the fares of app-dependent cab services like Ola-Uber, said the transport minister. He will also hold a meeting with Uber representatives next Wednesday regarding the fare increase

Passengers now have to pay forty rupees as soon as they get up Even keeping that fare unchanged, the fare has been increased per kilometer So far Uber’s fare per kilometer was 11 rupees 60 paise After the increase in rent, GST is added which will be around Tk

According to Uber, for example, the 6 km road from Victoria Memorial to Science City used to cost 134 rupees. This time it will be 150 rupees The company has also instructed the drivers to run AC

On the other hand, despite the increase in Uber rent, no such announcement has been made by Olar yet However, after the increase in Uber fares, the passengers think that the increase in Olar fares is also a matter of time

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