Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Now the same smart card. Sophisticated smart cards will soon be available in this state for bus-tram-ferry. The National Common Mobility Card will be available in the state from next August, according to the State Transport Department (Smart Card for Transport).

This National Common Mobility Card has been introduced in several states of the country. These include states like Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana (Smart Card). Sources said that the NCMC card will be launched in this state from next August. At present, the state transport department has a smart card. Passengers of WBTC buses can use that blue-white smart card. However, due to the breakdown of the electronic ticket machine, this smart card is not being used at the moment. The state government wants the new National Common Mobility Card to be used on WBTC, NBSTC, SBSTC buses. Can also be used on trams and ferries. For which electric card or ticket punching machines have been installed in multiple jetties like Fairley, Millennium Park.

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According to the State Transport Department, this smart card can be purchased at all government bus depots You can recharge from there. There will also be arrangements to recharge online. This card is available with a minimum of 500 rupees. In case of long distance buses, those who board the bus from Terminal Depot will be able to punch there. Besides, bus conductors will also have electronic ticket machines. Passengers can also use this smart card there. The same arrangement will be in the tram. To introduce this system in all government buses, about three thousand electronic ticket machines have been brought The State Transport Department will be assisted in this task by a transport expert in Mumbai. They will supply 3,000 new electronic ticket machines to the state Software development work has started for him The advantage of this machine is the convenience of ticket punching as well as the location of the bus can be known. But not only bus-tram-ferry. The state plans to use the card in metro rail to speed up transportation.

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This smart card is also available in several countries abroad. However, in order to introduce this card in Metro, all the electronic gates of Metro have to be changed. Need to use new software. Which is extremely time consuming. So the state wants to use this card in bus-tram-ferry first. The National Common Mobility Card 7 will be introduced in the rest of the transport step by step

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