#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has reprimanded the Ranaghat Superintendent of Police over the incident. The Chief Minister sat in an administrative meeting with the administrative heads and police officers of different districts in front of the journalists on Wednesday. From there, he raised several complaints about the indifference of the police and the incident.

During the meeting, Mamata suddenly raised the issue of Hanskhali. Ranaghat police directly told the district superintendent, how the incident happened in Hanskhali! You (police) have no news? Why will the government travel for you? When you are going (for investigation) you are not saying anything (the victim’s family), but you are giving another statement to the CBI. What! He then told the superintendent of Ranaghat directly, “You have indifference.”

After that Mamata raised the issue of Rampurhat. He said the BJP and the CPM were defaming the state by planning. An incident also happened in Birbhum, if the police had gone to the spot on time, this incident would not have happened. At the same time, Mamata asked the police to be vigilant about the entry of arms into the state through the Bihar border.

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On this day, Mamata made it clear that no matter how big the leader of the party is, no one will be spared if he gets involved in corruption. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has directed to take stern action against all the senior leaders of the party, especially in the name of illegal sand mining, embezzlement and extortion in the name of giving jobs. The Chief Minister made it clear that even the leaders of his own party, the Trinamool Congress, would not get a waiver.

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On this day, the Chief Minister held a meeting with the government officials about the government camp at the door In that meeting, the Chief Minister spoke with the SP-DMs of different districts The Chief Minister directed that the Superintendent of Police and the District Governors should work together

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