Kolkata: The water level is the cause of the new crack in the house in Boubazar. There are multiple water levels in Boubazar area. At the moment the tunnel is 31.6 meters below the ground. There is a tunnel 25 meters below the ground. The diameter of this tunnel is 7.8 meters. The water is gradually rising from below this 31.6 meters.

It is known that there is aquifer or water level in the whole area. The two sides of the tunnel should be connected. About 9 meters part should be added. It will be paired with a concrete box joint Which is in the old metro. And the danger of going to this box joint. This is because the lower part of the tunnel or the land or platform needs to be concreted. While going to work on that concrete, about 5 meters has been dug And from there the water has started to flow continuously Grouting is being done to stop this water from entering.

Grouting is a combination of chemicals, cement and water. That is what is being sent. And for this water to enter, a new vibration has been created. Engineers believe that due to this, cracks appeared in several houses yesterday. Once again, large cracks were found in several houses in Boubazar

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For the first time in 2019, cracks were found in several houses during the construction of the East-West Metro tunnel through Boubazar. After that again in 2020 the crack was caught Twice many families have to leave their homes and move elsewhere Locals complain that those who left their homes two or three years ago have not been able to return So this time the locals are reluctant to leave their homes

Visiting the spot, local councilor Bishwarup Dey spoke to the locals Local MLA Nayana Bandyopadhyay also went to the area and got angry Cracks have been found in several houses of Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar since Wednesday evening According to Metro sources, the work of making tunnel in that part is over At present concrete pouring work is going on in the tunnel Besides, two tunnel boring machines named Urbi and Chandi have been cut and lifted from the ground. Ground concreting is currently underway to complete the tunnel.

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Residents question, ‘We have come down to the streets for fear of death But where to go in the hope of whom? Those who have left home before, they have not been able to return yet “Residents have been evacuated,” said NC Carmali, project director at the Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation, which is in charge of the East West Metro. 7 will be taken to the hotel as a precautionary measure There are 14 families All that is to be done on our behalf is being done The situation is under control. ” He further claimed, ‘The crack had just started to catch ৷ There is nothing too scary The families are being evacuated as a precautionary measure.

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