The city and urban development department is changing the rules of garbage collection. According to the National Green Tribunal, VAT cannot be levied in municipal areas. Therefore, garbage will be collected in all the municipalities according to one rule.

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All houses will have two buckets. Blue and green. Households need to keep perishable dirt in blue buckets and perishable dirt in green buckets. Many municipalities have already started taking dirt like this. Dirt in small cars will be dumped in big cars. VAT off. Large vehicles will be dumped at the dumping ground.

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Compactors have been banned as well. Fertilizer will be made from perishable dirt. Indigestible materials such as glass, paper will be recycled. Earlier, several attempts were made to ban plastics as per the directions of the Environmental Court, but to no avail. Environmentalists have joined the movement more than once However, this time the government is working hard to implement the directive.

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