Vaccination in Bengal: 50 lakhs! Before Pujo, the big instructions about the vaccine are new, you know?

#Kolkata: Before Puja (Durga Puja 2021), the state started giving vaccine (Corona Vaccine). On Thursday, the health department sent a strong message to all the districts to complete the work of giving 50 lakh vaccines within the next five days.

According to the health department, necessary instructions have been sent to the chief health officer of each district. The directive asked the Union Health Minister to know whether the vaccine given to the state before Pujo could be abolished. If the vaccination process cannot be completed before the puja, the state allocation may be cut. Sources said that the message was sent by the state health department after receiving the message from the Union Health Ministry on Thursday morning.

On the other hand, according to sources, Chief Secretary Harikrishna Dwivedi may hold a meeting with the district magistrates on Thursday to ensure compliance with the Kovid rules during Khabar Pujo. The state government has already issued 11-point guidelines on the pujo. Detailed instructions starting from Puspanjali have been given in that guideline. Besides, it has been mentioned in the guideline that there will be no Pujo carnival this year as well. In addition to the news guidelines of the sources, the Chief Secretary can give necessary instructions so that the directions of the High Court are complied with. Although the content of the meeting ranges from water dreams to multiple issues, the Corona rules can also be discussed, according to sources.

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According to the statistics of the state health department, a total of 8 crore 3 lakh 80 thousand 209 people in the state have been given the dose of vaccine. Of which the first dose has been given to 4 crore 30 lakh 64 thousand 90 people. The second dose has been given to 1 crore 82 lakh 8 thousand 119 people. This is the statistics of the state health department till at least October 8. However, statistics from the state health department say that 10 lakh 36 thousand 181 people were vaccinated on October 7 in one day. In that case, the officials of the health department think that this process should be maintained if the process of giving 50 lakh vaccines is to be completed in the next 5 days. The health department has informed that it will have to hold necessary meetings with the officials on this issue.

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