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Vaccines do not match! All Kovacin centers are closed, the municipality said – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: To protect themselves from the third wave of corona, when doctors repeatedly told everyone to take a double dose of vaccine, the Calcutta Municipality stopped vaccination at all Covaxin centers. It has been informed that vaccination of Kovacin will be stopped from 13th September i.e. tomorrow. It is known that covacin vaccination has been stopped indefinitely. The Kolkata Municipality said in a statement.

The Kolkata Municipality said in a statement that the decision was taken due to insufficient vaccination from the central government. The work of giving covacin will be stopped till further notice, said Purkarta. Needless to say, many people will suffer because the covacin vaccination has stopped.

There are many people who have had a dose of the vaccine. Those who took covacin will suffer. Because from the very beginning, experts have come up with a specific vaccine to take two doses. And so those who do not get the second dose now will have problems. Many take a second dose of the vaccine in the next few days, depending on the time of vaccination. But they will face particular problems as covacin vaccination is discontinued. Again, many people will not be able to get vaccinated until covacin is provided.

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On the other hand, doctors have repeatedly said that vaccination is one of the ways to avoid corona. Although there is no guarantee that coronavirus will not occur even after vaccination. But if the vaccine is given, the coronavirus will be less dangerous, doctors said. And so everyone needs to get two vaccines now. But at a time when the state and the people are in danger of a third wave, people have their foreheads folded due to the cessation of the covacin vaccine. According to the Kolkata Municipality, Covishield Vaccination Centers will remain active as before.

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