#Kolkata: Bande Bharat Express to run from Howrah to Ranchi (Vande Bharat Express). Named TRAIN 18. Two years ago, when he was the Railway Minister, Piyush Goel said that the Bande Bharat Express would soon run from Howrah. According to Railway Board sources, a decision has been taken in this regard. Talks have been held with Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway. The route time or schedule has been prepared as it will leave Howrah in the morning and return to Howrah at night.

The Bandebharat Express will run from Eastern Railway to South Eastern Railway at a speed of 199.3 km to 204.5 km. However, according to the rules, the speed of the train will usually be between 110 km and 130 km. The entire journey will be under the control of Eastern Railway with 5 stations including terminal station Howrah. The South Eastern Railway will have 6 stations including the terminal station Ranchi.

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Eastern Railway stations are Howrah, Dunkuni, Khana, Andal, Kalipahari. The Mohana, Anara, Purulia, Kotshila, Muri and Ranchi stations will be under the control of the South Eastern Railway. The train will run from Howrah to Purulia at a speed of 130 km. The Ranchi train will run from Purulia at a speed of 110 km. Usually Bande Bharat Express does not have multiple stops. Therefore, even if Ranchi Bandebharat or TRAIN 18 Express runs from Howrah, no final decision has been taken on how many stations will be given, how many minutes stoppage gap will be given.

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A top railway official said, “Howrah-Ranchi is a very lucrative route. Passengers will be available. Since a part of the industrial area can be connected, it will not be difficult to get passengers. Safety is also very important for a semi high speed train. ” Bande Bharat Express has already prepared 56 racks. Railway sources said that the train set will come to Howrah from that.

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