# Onkar Sarkar, Kolkata: New medicine for snake bites. This time the treatment is going to be started in our state through oral tablets.

The tablet was first piloted in the National Medical College Hospital in eastern India. A 21-year-old man from South 24 Parganas was bitten by a snake at midnight on Tuesday. The family was rushed to the National Medical College Hospital in Park Circus.

After bringing the patient, after seeing all the parameters of his body, the doctors decided to give * varespladib methyl *. This is the first time this tablet has been experimentally applied in eastern India. According to the doctors, the patient was also given anti-venom.

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By the way, snakes are a big terror to the farmers working in the fields of Bengal. Many farmers have to lose their lives due to snake venom if they are a little careless during farming. Especially in South 24 Parganas, Bankura, Purulia district many people died due to snake bites.

According to a survey of our country, from 2000 to 2019, about 12 lakh people died due to snake bites. In other words, about 57 thousand people die every year in the country due to snake venom.

The reason for the high death rate from snake bites is that treatment is not started at the right time. This time this special oral tablet has been made keeping in mind the deadly poison.

In the language of doctors, the name of this tablet is varispladib. Perth Pratim Mukherjee, head of the medical department at the National Medical College, and his medical team applied the tablet for the first time in eastern India on Tuesday.

Doctor Mukherjee said that at present anti-snake venom is not made in our state. As a result, this anti-snake venom has to be brought from the southern states. And this leads to problems. There is a big difference between the snake protein of the south and the snake protein of our state. So even if you give this anti-snake venom in large quantities, it does not work for a long time.

If anti-snake venom can be given with this tablet, it will be possible to prevent death in many cases. Vaccine facilitator Snehendu Konar said, “Before our state, a total of 10 people were given this tablet in Chandigarh and Kerala and those patients responded well to the treatment.”

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This is the first tablet given in East India on Tuesday. Hopefully good results will be obtained. He further said that this tablet will be applied experimentally on a total of 112 people in the country and 25 people in the National Medical College Hospital in our state.

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