Vasundhara Goswami: The daughter of the late Left leader Kshitij Goswami, the candidate for the twin flowers

#Kolkata: He wrote editorials in Jago Bangla. He has been a Trinamool Congress worker since 2016. Although the only line that has come to her notice everywhere is that she is the daughter of Kshitij Goswami, a former minister and leftist leader in the state. Bashundhara Goswami (Vasundhara Goswami) this time he appeared to hold the baton for a pair of flower camps. Bashundhara is the Trinamool Congress candidate in the upcoming Kolkata municipal elections. He will contest from 96 wards of Jadavpur.

A few days ago, he appeared in public on behalf of the Trinamool Congress in the BJP-ruled state of Tripura in northeastern India. According to political circles, the top leadership of the party liked the work of psychologist Bashundhara. So he was brought up as the face of the youth society. Kshiti’s daughter Bashundhara appeared on the soil of Tripura with Bratya Basu.

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Trinamool has become active in organizing the opposition in Tripura BJP. There was a time when the political occupation of the state was in the hands of the Left. The daughter of that leftist leader was taken to Tripura to strengthen the hands of the grassroots organization. In Tripura, the Trinamool leadership took the initiative to draw the left against the BJP opposition.

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However, Bratya Basu said, “There is a difference between the left in Bengal and the left in Tripura.” And that is why the arrival of Kshitija Kanya in the Tripura delegation caught the eye. In the fight against the BJP in Tripura, the Trinamool Congress wanted to invigorate the Left Front camp. The Trinamool Congress is working out a strategy to prevent the Left vote from going to the BJP. Bashundhara, however, went to Tripura and met the party workers. He talks especially with women. He talks about the socio-economic condition of Tripura Tried to know the difficulties of the people there. Bashundhara is trying to understand the real situation from the ground up.

According to a top leader of the party, Bashundhara has no separate glory as his father was a minister. He works to understand the situation from the ground up. A few days ago, Trinamool mouthpiece Jago Bangla, daughter of leftist leader Anil Biswas, made headlines. He is angry with the team.

Bashundhara Goswami wrote by standing next to Ajanta Biswas He wrote in a Trinamool mouthpiece, “It is a fact that any article on women’s power in Bengali politics cannot be complete without Mamata Banerjee.” As a result, although she was the daughter of the late leftist leader and minister of state, she made her political position clear. According to the political circles, therefore, the Trinamool Congress nominated him in the general election.

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